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Our store has moved. Please click here to visit our Etsy Site for soaps, art and more!

Coffee Soap

Custom soaps for your wedding, shower, gender reveal party...and more! 

Ancient Carvings

Classes for you, your family or your office!

Paint Brushes
Flower Arrangments Class

Now offering Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and Training! head to our page, here! 

Dog Walking Servies
Pet Sitting Services
Dog Training Services



Can't find that perfect decorative soap for your bathroom? Interested in all natural complimentary lotions for your guests, or custom party favors for your Baby/Wedding Shower or Wedding Guests? How about custom soaps for your hotel, motel or B&B? Email us for more information and get the conversation started! 

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Custom Soaps
Custom Soaps

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Custom Weddng Favors
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