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Want to live sustainably? Want to change the way your yard and gardens feel, look or produce food and medicine for you? Contact us today to book a edible landscape/medicinal herb garden or landscape design service from The Wild Rowan. If you still need help, we've partnered with Timberland Fence and Landscaping LLC

To build and install all of our designs! design services include a top-down drawing of your landscape, a 3D photo from several angles, up to 3 separate design modifications, plant list, medicine or nutritional benefits of each, a FREE health consultation, AND for an added charge - a 3D movie of your landscape so you can FEEL what your your yard can be. We are also a  nursery and we can supply the plants for you!! Don't live in Northern Colorado? That's OK We can go off plot plans, or even google earth and photos of your landscape! Contact us today!

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